Create a unique, unguessable, anonymous ad-hoc chat page only for you and selected people. No registration, no costs, no installation. Works anywhere. More Info · Example

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Why do you need this? Click here means fast, uncomplicated Instant Chats.
  • You want to communicate in a larger group, e.g. at a conference or in a group where you don't know each person's telephone number / email address? Create a chat and show the QR code.
  • You are on the phone with someone and want to share complex information or a file? Create a chat and invite that person to it with a temporary code.
  • You meet someone on the street, in a bar, ... and want to be reachable, but don't want to hand out your private phone number / email address? Create a chat and show its QR code.
  • You plan an event with several people and need a communication mechanism, even with surveys? Create a chat and share its QR code, maybe even as printout.
  • You communicate with someone and you have no common language, e.g. with a taxi driver in a foreign country? Create a chat, switch on the auto-translation feature and show its QR code to him/her.
  • You need a feedback channel for your customers? Create a chat, switch on the moderation feature, publish the QR Code and answer to the comment author individually. You can even be informed on new comments with a notification sound
  • You want to keep control on the chat entries? Create a chat, switch on the moderation feature and approve the individual comments.
  • You want to share a drawing with someone, maybe play a game? Create a chat, show its QR code to him/her and create a common whiteboard.
  • You want to embed a chat into your own website? Create a chat and call it within an iframe.
  • ... and much more ...
Why not use WhatsApp / signal / Threema / Telegram / ... for this? Because with neither you nor the other participants need a common App. Everyone remains totally anonymous, and you do not have to identify other participants via their phone number / email address and run through a complicated onboarding process.

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